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The Xpatch® software suite is the industry-leading asymptotic-based scattering solver and includes RF prediction codes and analysis tools for predicting realistic far-field and near-field radar signatures for 3D CAD models. Xpatch® is free for Government and Government-sponsored contractors.
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Xpatch 4.13 is the last version to support RHEL 5 and SuSE 11
Future major releases will only support RHEL 6 and 7 and SuSE 12. Please contact CodeSupport@Leidos.com if you cannot upgrade to at least RHEL 6 or SuSE 12 before we release Xpatch 4.14, scheduled for approximately July 1, 2017.

Announcement: Xpatch 4.13 now available!
Xpatch 4.13 is now ready to ship! - For more information, contact CodeSupport@Leidos.com The Xpatch 4.13 forms are available here on VDL. Xpatch Forms (order forms for Xpatch 4.13) (PDF) Xpatch Information Packet (PDF). The Xpatch 4.13 release notes are posted here on VDL. Xpatch 4.13 Release Notes (PDF). C++ Readers for the Xpatch 4.13 outpout format can be found here. Matlab readers are here. Both C++ and Matlab readers for Xpatch 4.11 should be compatible with version 4.12 and 4.13.